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Amanda’s Story

I relocated to Ottawa in March 2018 as a single mom of 2 kids and expecting a third. While living in the emergency shelter in Lowertown I was introduced to the Lowertown Community Resource Centre and indeed my heart was immediately filled with warmth and welcoming people of different background, race and culture.

Although the shelter provided us with breakfast, there was no kitchen to prepare school meals or dinner at night, Anabelle (Outreach Worker) runs a Collective Kitchen where we all come together to learn, prepare meals and eat together. All of us at the shelter always looked forward every 2nd Friday gatherings.

Anne-Marie (CH Coordinator) who is in charge of the Community House at 145 Beausoleil made sure I had a clean kitchen to prepare meals for my kids and the laundry room was there for me too.

I went to the Centre to see Maria (Early Years Worker) for playgroups with my new baby, it gave me somewhere to go and people to talk to, I wasn’t a new mom, but I needed to be out of the house and meet people because I was in a new country/city.
Summer came and Stephen (Children and Youth Program Manager) gave me a call to come and register my kids for summer camps, swimming classes back to school packs and lots more.

I have a full time job today because of the Club 310 which is run by the Centre, because as a single mom on minimum wage I will never have been able to afford daycare for three kids.

Just recently my daughter was evicted from her daycare and I was given 2 weeks to find a replacement or quit my job and stay home with her. I asked the Centre for help and Karine (Intake worker) saw me and told me not to worry. I got a call from her the very next day and she got me a more convenient daycare.

Words only cannot express how helpful the Centre is to me and my kids. Seeing my kids so happy in this community, knowing their peers and the community staff and being involved in different activities I don’t know how I would have done all this alone. Thank you so much LCRC!

– Yetunde Amanda Ona

A Home for Cynthia

Hundreds of Ottawa families have no other choice but to live in motels. Please read about Cynthia, the mother of one of these families, and learn how the LCRC lends a hand.

Imagine you are alone raising four children aged 7 to 16 and you have no other choice but to live in a small two-bed motel room…and you have been there for ten months. No play space, no kitchen, no privacy. This is precisely the situation of Lowertown resident, Cynthia.

Learn more about her story and how the LCRC lends a hand in an article on page 12 of the Lowertown Echo.

Meet Ethiopia, a mother living in Lowertown

Meet Ethiopia

“In 2015, I very badly needed help with my kids. I had been sick and had stayed home with my kids for the past 6 years. I was looking for help and went to seven places, not finding anyone who would help me. I went to the Lowertown Community Resource Centre where I found Marie-Christine at the front desk. After explaining my situation, she said ‘You came to the right place, we will help you’.

Steve, [Manager of Children and Youth Programs], contacted me and we set up an appointment with the kids. That very day Steve told me to ‘go take a break, go anywhere.’ I registered my kids in summer camp on the spot and I went out to drop off resumes. At the last place I went, I was offered a job and started that very day! I am still working there now.

The Centre gave me my life back! The LCRC gave me the support to stand on my own. The staff at the resource centre stood with me at school meetings, ensuring my kids felt supported in a school environment. Staff followed my eye condition ensuring I got the glasses I needed. When I see my kids happy, that builds me up.

My depression is gone. I can see. I can work. I feel confident. I feel safe. I owe all of this to the LCRC. The centre still supports me and helps me to this day. I am a strong tree with a lot of branches now!”


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Our purpose is to support residents like Cynthia, Ethiopia and Amanda among many others who need a little, and sometimes a bigger, helping hand to solve their challenges. Every donation helps!